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Image copyright Kelvin Trautman Image caption UN oceans patron, Lewis Pugh, engaged in "speedo diplomacy" to push for a deal At the end of negotiations last year, they were the one country holding out against a consensus on the Ross Sea. But this year there has been what Mr Pugh describes as an "environmental glasnost". Russia's President Vladimir Putin has designated 2017 as the Year of Ecology and the country has recently expanded an MPA around Franz Josef Land in the Arctic. Sergei Ivanov, President Putin's Special Representative for Ecology, welcomed the new deal. "Russia has a proud history of exploration and science in Antarctica. In this time of political turbulence in so many parts of the ชุดคู่รัก ราคา world, we are pleased to be part of this collaborative international effort to safeguard the Ross Sea," he said. One of the key questions in the negotiations was how long the MPA should last. China is on the record as stating it believes that 20 years is long enough for a designation. Many conservationists say this is far too short, given the lifespan of creatures that life in the Ross Sea, such as whales.

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